Where can I keep up to date with news and promotions?

Where can I keep up to date with news and promotions?

We strive to post frequent updates on our Discord about upcoming content and make it available to you to discuss all aspects of the game. You can also find information on new content on our Facebook and Reddit page as well.
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    • How old should I be to play the game?

      We welcome everyone to come and experience PHAGEBORN: Online Card Game, however, do keep in mind you must meet the required legal age necessary on whichever Platform you decide to download PHAGEBORN. If you are not of legal age on these platforms, ...
    • Why Early Access?

      We have been working hard to make sure that PHAGEBORN: Online Card Game is not just a fantastic tactical game, but so it also has the qualities that players love and the depth that they will want to keep playing on and on. We need to flesh out some ...
    • The game keeps freezing after I launch and watch/skip the opening cutscene, why is this happening?

      This likely means your account has remained inactive for an extended period of time and which can result in data corruption issues as the game continues to evolve over time. To resolve simply submit a ticket via Zoho, sharing your Steam ID or Epic ID ...