How much storage space do I need to download the game?

How much storage space do I need to download the game?

Between 5.5GB to 6GB
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    • Where can I download the game?

      PHAGEBORN: Online Card Game is available now on Steam and Epic for free.
    • How old should I be to play the game?

      We welcome everyone to come and experience PHAGEBORN: Online Card Game, however, do keep in mind you must meet the required legal age necessary on whichever Platform you decide to download PHAGEBORN. If you are not of legal age on these platforms, ...
    • Is the game free to play?

      Yes the game is currently free to play on Steam and Epic for free. Early adopters who supported the previously paid version will receive perks for supporting the game. There will be in-game purchases available, cosmetic mostly, and they are not ...
    • Does the game have In App Purchases?

      Yes currently in PHAGEBORN you are able to purchase Fatestones, the premium currency in the game used to buy items in the Merchant Shop. A “+” symbol can be seen alongside your Fatestone balance in the top right corner of the screen while you are on ...
    • What are the currencies in game?

      There are different currencies used to unlock content in the game: Progress points (PP): Used to unlock the cards in the Seal Tree Avatar Souls (cyan orb): Currency used to unlock Avatars Phagetokens(black/gold circle): Currency used in the Event ...